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Vezèr's PIC Inc.
Standard Terms and Conditions

FOR THE PURPOSES OF THIS DOCUMENT ONLY The term VPIC, Vezerís PIC, Vezer MRI or any such combination shall represent the company Vezerís Industrial Professionals International Inc., Vezer Machine Repair International LLC, or any other Vezer MRI OWNED OR CONTROLLED COMPANY

Owner is to supply necessary air, water, electricity, and sanitary facilities.

VPIC has not included any permits and or bonding and or fee associated with this project, nor is there any delay time allotted in the schedule for obtaining same.

VPIC has not included any testing, handling, and or removal of any hazardous materials.

Any Federal, State, and local taxes are excluded and will be additional to the contract price.

All owner supplied parts and equipment shall be fabricated to the fullest extent possible.

Owner shall be responsible for disposal of old associated parts and debris.

VPIC has not included plumbing work of any type.

VPIC has not included any Specialty and or NDT testing and or testing fees of any kind in our proposal.

We assume that the foundations are adequate for required weights to be handled and shall remain as is.

No process warranty of any kind is given, expressed, and or implied.

It is understood that the Contractor is installing a system designed and conceived by the Owner. The Owner has calculated the capacities and has dimensioned all main equipment. The Owner has also designed the entire process and material flow. The Contractor shall not be liable for any loss or for any consequential, incidental or special damages resulting from any miscalculation related to the establishment of the capacities or by the product quality resulting from a lack in the design of the process and or material flow and or any other complication that arises due to omission and or error from the owners design.

Project scheduling shall be contingent upon the delivery of the required equipment upon receipt of a signed contract with the owner Ownership title of all equipment and materials provided and installed by VPIC shall reside with VPIC until OWNER and VPIC have both executed a notice of final completion and acceptance and all monies owed are paid to VPIC.

If owner alters the design criteria for the proposed project after VPIC is found to be in compliance with the minimum design criteria, any and all changes will be additional and extra to the contract VPIC will require a 30% deposit upon award and 100% of the material charges upon delivery to the site.

VPIC will only accept 5% retention and only up to the first 50% of the contract.

VPIC will require billings every two weeks based upon the percentage of project completion, net 15 days. A 2.5% late fee will be charged on all monies owed over 15 days.

VPIC has included $2,000,000 general liability insurance per VPIC standard policy. Add 2.5% of the total contract value if a $5,000,000 general liability insurance policy is required.

All VPIC proposal terms and conditions shall be included as part of the final contract.

Under no circumstance can contract funds be held and or delayed from payment to VPIC.

All equipment and materials required have been sized and bid utilizing the drawings and information provided by owner, should design and or process requirements dictate a change in equipment or scope from what has been bid, then any additional costs arising from said change would be additional to the contact.

It is assumed that all existing structures and foundations meet all specification and code requirements, and are sufficient in design and capacity to be reused for this project without modification. If not then any changes required will be considered a change in scope and all changes will be an addition to the contract and billed according to VPICís attached time and materials rate sheet.

No repairs or relining of existing equipment, structure, chutes, hoppers, bins, ducts and or gates are included in our bid unless specifically mentioned in VPICís proposal.

All new equipment supplied to be painted per factory suppliers normal specification.

Contract price does not include supply of any spare parts for any equipment VPIC installs.

Add to bid price mobilization of equipment and crew 10 man hrs plus trucking at cost plus 18%______ each way (In and Out).

Although VPIC has provided a breakdown of our proposal, this breakdown is only for the purpose of comparison and is not to be used as an instrument for calculating addition and or credits.

VPIC has not accounted for any delays due to truck or train traffic.

All extra work is to be done on a T&M basis with 10% added to the pricing stated in the included service rate sheet for off-site over-head, all onsite VPIC personnel or our sub-contractors on-site personnel are billable as regards to extra work.

VPIC has the right to elect to bill extra work on an overtime basis if it deems necessary for schedule purposes or forces contract work to be performed on an overtime basis.

If the work performed by VPIC personnel is postponed and or suspended by buyer, its contractor and or agents, and or government authority and or for any reason of force majeur, and or is delayed and or does not proceed with reasonable dispatch, not due to the fault of VPIC, VPIC may withdraw personnel and return to the job when needed and available and or may agree to stand-by for a reasonable time, and any additional cost(including but not limited to travel time and expenses), and charges for stand-by time, caused by this delay, will be an additional charge to the owner.

Should services provided by VPIC hereunder be defective, VPIC will, at its sole option, refund a portion of the amount paid by the buyer or furnish the services which VPIC deems necessary and adequate to correct such defect at its expense. At no time will VPIC warranty its work longer than 12 months from the time of installation. All manufactures and material supplier warranties are a pass through from VPIC to the owner. At no time will VPIC supply any additional warranty over the manufacturer or supplierís warranty. All warranties are labor only.

VPIC shall have no liability for Acts, errors, omissions, and or delays of and or caused by the owner and or any of its employees, and or independent contractor, and or agent employed by owner.

VPIC shall not in any event and or under any circumstance whether in contract, in tort (including negligence) or under and other legal theory, be liable for special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages, including but not limited to, loss of profits or revenue, cost of capital or claims by purchaser for damages of purchaserís customers.

VPICís bid is valid for 3 days. However the schedule shall be adjusted for late award.

If upon award it is determined that certain material will not be available, then substitution must be made, whereas, a savings or increase could be determined.

All welds are single pass filler, (process FCAW) per AWS.D.1 unless Vezer-PIC specifies otherwise.

An additional mark-up of 18% will be added to the sub-contractors time and material rates charged for any additional and or extra work performed and billed to VPIC by all sub-contractor.

Owner understand that by forming any type of agreement with Vezer-PIC, they will be restricted from hiring any of Vezer-PIC employees or consultants direct or indirectly, unless through Vezerís for a period of 24 months.
It is understood that once owner take control or start equipment in operation that they have inspected the equipment and accepted as is

All girth gear and pinion alignments are based on Falk service manual 6801.01 July 1961 based on a two indicator alignment procedure.

If Vezer-PIC installs any type of structure or equipment for the purposes of performing our project and the owner or anyone else on the owners property elects to use or operate this equipment, it is understood that Vezer-PIC bears no liability or makes any representation that the structure or equipment is safe to use in any manner.

It is understood that all Vezer-PIC work is bid as a non union contractor and if for some reason we are forced to become signatory or abide to any type of labor agreement, Vezer-PIC reserves the right to increase contract schedule, pricing and or rates to compensate for any additional costs.

It will not be Vezer-PICís responsibility to field verify any engineering or drawings provided by others.

Drug testing must be on a voluntary base per Vezer-PIC policy.

Any work not specifically addressed in Vezer-PICís proposal as work to be performed by Vezer-PIC is excluded from this proposal and to be done on additional T&M contract bases.

Any Mill liners and bolts that adhere to the shell or head and can not be removed with the reasonable force of a 12# hammer, will be considered outside the normal scope and will be performed on a T&M basis.


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